We provide:
- Basic DJ sound, Additional sound for large groups and more locations.
- Business meeting and convention sound.
- Band sound.
- Concert and Festival sound.
dj sound system
About our “basic” sound package:
- We have more than $42,000 invested in our basic sound package to ensure that our sound systems consist of 100% state of the art, professional quality sound equipment.
- We can configure our equipment in a variety of ways to ensure proper coverage for almost any application.
- Adjustments can be made for nearly any room or hall and type of crowd to ensure an even, full sound for an enjoyable time and listening experience.
- Our full sound system is rated at 10,000 people outside, which means we can provide sound for almost 20,000 people inside! (This rating is generally for bands playing directly to an audience. In the case of the Newton Falls 4th of July Festival, evryone in the park was able to hear the music!)
- We now have all of the bass cabinets, mid/high speakers, amplifiers, cables, and accessories to use for large events, festivals, fairs, and, of course, band shows!
- We have recently incorporated computer DJ/KJ capabilities, as well as video systems.

We also have a larger sound package, an additional $24,000 investment, which we have used to play a venue as large as 3 football fields in size, which is almost as big as Blossom Music Center or First Niagra Pavilion (formerly The Post Gazette Pavilion).

Our basic sound system includes:
- Mackie 1402 VLZ mixer
- DOD 430 Series II EQ
- Peavey 1.3k 1000 Watt RMS stereo amplifier
- Furman RR15 Rack Rider power conditioner
- R&R Sound passive crossovers (2)
- Samson UHF Series One high-band wireless microphone with a Shure 58 element microphone, and an Stanton MC/DJ Pro head/microphone
- American DJ DCD Pro 300 MK II Professional dual CD players with Anti-Shock Buffer Memory
- Sony TC-WE435 stereo double-cassette player
- (2) R&R Sound bass horns with 4 – 10″ Eminence speakers in each
- (2) R&R Sound custom mid/high cabinets with 4 – 6 1/2″ midrange speakers, 4 horn tweeters and two crossovers in each
- R&R Sound players rack
- B.E. Special mixer, EQ, light controller rack
- B.E. Special amp case
- B.E. Special collapsible music racks
- Over 16,000 popular songs (one of the largest tourinc music libraries in Northeast Ohio and Western PA.
- Misc patch cords, speaker cables, and electrical extensions.

Our larger system also includes:
- Digital Yamaha mixing boards. (We can now save mixes from band to band and room to room)
- Even better bass cabs and much, MUCH higher high output mid/high cabs
- New JBL monitors
- A variety of new amplifiers for a variety of applications
- More microphones, including wireless and drum mics
- All the mic stands you can handle, including extended boom stgands
- More crossovers, equalizers, and even analyzers
- Peavey 8.5C 450 Watt RMS stereo amplifier
- Mackie FR Series 1400i 450 Watt RMS power amplifier
- Samson S2000 1000 Watt RMS stereo amplifier
- Another Peavey 1.3k 1000 Watt RMS stereo amplifier
- DOD 835 Series II stereo electronic crossover
- Rane ME 15 EQ
- Numark EQ
- Gemeni EQ
- Furman RR15 Rack Rider power conditioner
- (8) JM Special Bass horns with 4 – 10” speakers in each
- (4) R&R Sound custom bass cabinets with 8 – 10” speakers in each
- (2) R&R Sound high power mid/high cabinets with 1 – 12” midrange speaker, 1 horn tweeter, and 1 crossover in each
- (2) R&R Sound custom full range cabinets with 1 – 12” driver and 1 horn tweeter in each
- (2) more R&R Sound bass horns with 4 – 10” Eminence speakers in each
- (8) R&R Sound mid-range horns with 1 – 10” Eminence speaker in each
- (8) R&R Sound Stanford SAAT high end horns with crossovers
- (2) Madison 150 watt wedge monitors with a 12” driver and a horn tweeter in each
- Behringer Eurorack MX 1602A mixer
- Phonic Impact mixer
- (2) Behringer MDX 1200 Autocom compression modules
- (7) On-Stage mic stands
- Numark UC-935 condenser mic
- (5) Behringer XM2000 mics
- (6) Audio Technica mics
- (2) B.E. Special amp racks
- NYM mic case
- (2) direct boxes
- Misc patch cords, speaker cables, and electrical extensions

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